Studio Bitard is a European creative studio, crafting marketing visual content for product and interior design. We believe the digital medium can enrich the physical space with limitless opportunities.

     Our mission is to enhance your value proposition with impactful and interactive visual experiences. Our goal is to win your audience and elevate your brand. Our visuals live in websites, magazines and catalogues.

     Showcase your distinctive craftsmanship, manufacturing quality, innovative concepts, and a full range of product variability - without investing in costly, time-intensive photo shoot production. Where a lot can go wrong and fixing things after is tricky.

     Our workflow is not time and weather restricted. Neither is the scenery setting. We can build any reference environment. A historical palazzo or a contemporary glass house. It can be based on a real place or an imaginary one.

     Our virtual camera can do things, no real one can! We can always add, remove, recompose items,change materials and basically do almost anything. As we are not bound to the limitations of the real world, everything is under our artistic jurisdiction.

unlimited visual flexibility /
creativity without physical constraints /
quick iterations and reusable imagery /
personalized to brand, audience, and context

benefits of digital imagery

We create still images, video animations, 3D configurations,  VR & AR.
For product and interior design.
To serve the furniture and technical industry.

a: 1303, Sofia, Bulgaria,
Sredna Gora Str. 95,
m: +359 88 847 1661

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