Table Zeus by Arte Veneziana

   A while ago in Milano, we met the incredible team of Arte Veneziana. They are master craftsmen trained in the historic Italian art school and famous Murano glass ateliers. Every piece they produce is unique.
   Italians are conservative when it comes to representing their products. Professional photography is usually considered the only option when showcasing such art. However, they have a progressive approach to the advertisement and decided to try building their new catalogue with our visuals.


   We started making the 3D models very carefully. Provided with a great amount of imagery we carved each piece similar to what the craftsmen did with the real ones. For this scene, we produced three different pieces of furniture - a table, a chair, and a chandelier. Each piece had its own distinct features, but probably the most challenging one was the chair's glass medallion. We were considering different options for building its model.
    Meanwhile, the corona situation in Italy got really serious and have a real sample of the piece was not an option. Scanning or photogrammetry was rendered impossible. We decided to sculpt it in 3D and spending some serious amount of time proved to be worth it.


   On the left, you can see images of the chandelier. We produced detailed shots of each piece for the client, before integrating them into the final images. While building the furniture models we developed the main scene according to previously selected reference images /look and feel table/.


Credenza Salvador  by Arte Veneziana

    Credenza Salvador was the second set we created for Arte Veneziana. This contemporary sideboard has a simple silhouette. But don't be mistaken, each glass piece is carefully engraved from the backside by the Murano master craftsmen. We did exactly the same. Just in 3D.


    The COVID quarantine froze the whole of Europe. But we were able to finish the project not being dependent on location, transportation, or anything else restricted by the terrible situation. This provided the ultimate reasoning for using quality digital services and the client was thrilled with the result.



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