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LEO H11 Residences

type of project:
Residential Complex

Leopoldsdorf, Austria

LEO H11 Projekt GMBH

Huss Hawlik Architekten

brand & identity design
virtual tour
print design
site signage
web design & development

I. Brand concept:
proximity to Vienna, lavish greenery, and modern, yet approachable design.

In collaboration with the project developer and the architect, we analyzed and identified the unique selling points of LEO H11: proximity to Vienna, lavish natural settings, and high-quality design. We translated those into a consistent vision for the brand: we created a logo, chose a color palette, and created a series of short texts for the print materials and the website, which were translated into English and German.

II. Visualizations & Virtual Tour:
highlighting the relationship between exterior and interior.

The project, which is due to be finished in 2019, boasts a spacious interior yard and a variety of residences with broad rooms and generous outdoor spaces. This relationship between interior and exterior became a focal point for the visualizations which aim to not only show the craftily designed residences but also their openness to the surroundings. We also created a detailed virtual tour of one of the residences which can be experienced either on a desktop/phone or through a VR set.

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III. Interactive website:
Creating a strong web presence.

No project nowadays is complete without a modern, responsive website. For LEO H11 we wanted something simple, yet effective, and consistent with the overall vision of the project. Its two highlights are the interactive building explorer, which allows visitors to browse through available apartments, and the embedded virtual tour which takes them around the rooms of one of the residences. It also features a contact form where potential clients can arrange a personal meeting with the developers.

IV. Catalog Design:
Translating the project vision into print.

Our client was planning to promote the project through a series of events where professional real estate advisors can discuss with potential clients their needs and options. To enhance the presentation, we prepared a catalog that contains an overview of the project, as well as a pocket with all the plans of the available residences, which the clients can bring home.